During a time when “fake news” is being spread widely on social media and politicians are engaging in “alternative facts” to make their arguments, where can you go to find objective news?

Paul Glader, an associate professor of journalism at The King’s College in New York City and a media scholar at The Berlin School of Creative Leadership, tries to answer that question. You can read his list in this piece in Forbes Magazine. Glader said he relied on accepted journalism ethical standards in making his picks.

“One key question for any publication is this: If a reporter gets facts in a story wrong, will the news outlet investigate a complaint and publish a correction? Does the publication have its own code of ethics? Or does it subscribe to and endorse the Society of Professional Journalist’s code of ethics?

So Glader offers this list of 10 large journalistic brands where he believes “you can most often find real, reported facts.” He starts with the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. Click here for the rest of the news outlets that Glader says you can rely on. In addition to the Top 10 list, he offers several other runners up.